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War Horse
War Horse
by Michael Morpurgo

Courage Quotes in War Horse Page 1

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Quote #1

I struggled until I was weak, kicking out violently every time I felt them relax. (1.3)

Joey shows early on that he will bravely fight his enemies, even if the struggle is futile.

Quote #2

Terrified, I knew I could not run, for there was nowhere to go, so I put my back to him, and lashed out behind me. I felt my hooves strike home. (2.8)

While some people (like, um, the ones being kicked by Joey) think he's just fiery and disobedient, seeing things from his perspective gives us more insight into his character. How do you think Michael Morpurgo got into the mindset of a horse to write?

Quote #3

"If Joey goes with you, I go. I want to join up and stay with him." (4.17)

Even at thirteen, Albert has more courage than his father. He's willing to enlist in war, the Great War, and risk death to stay with Joey. Do you think he really understands the consequences at that age?

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