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War Horse

War Horse


by Michael Morpurgo

Joey Timeline & Summary

  • Welcome to the world, Joey. It's a cruel place. Joey is taken away from his mother on the first page and sold to a scary man on a farm.
  • The man has a son, Albert, who is his father's total opposite—kind, caring, compassionate.
  • Unfortunately, Albert's drunk dad sells Joey to the British army.
  • Stationed in France, Joey becomes a cavalry horse. His first rider, Captain Nicholls, dies, and his second, Trooper Warren, is taken as a POW by the Germans.
  • The Germans put Joey to work as a cart-pulling horse, retrieving casualties from the battlefield. There, he meets his best friend (his best horse friend, anyway), Topthorn.
  • The war cools for a bit, and Joey and Topthorn are cared for a by a kind Frenchman and his granddaughter, Emilie.
  • When the war heats back up, Joey and Topthorn are enlisted again to pull a gun across the battlefield with four other horses: Coco, Heinie, and two Haflingers.
  • Coco dies. Heinie dies. Their caretaker, Friedrich, dies. Topthorn dies. The Haflingers run away. To put it mildly, war sucks.
  • Joey is rescued by the British, who take him to their veterinary tent. There, Joey is reunited with Albert, who nurses him back to health.
  • After the war ends, Joey is put up for auction. He's almost bought by a butcher, but Emilie's Grandpapa wins the bidding war.
  • He gives Joey to Albert, and the two live happily ever after.