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War Horse

War Horse


by Michael Morpurgo

 Table of Contents

War Horse Themes

War Horse Themes


A Farewell to Arms. All Quiet on the Western Front. We're guessing you've read your share of war stories, and hey, maybe you're a little sick of 'em. Enter War Horse. This story changes it up by p...


A soldier's duty is to protect his country, and his job is never done. A horse's job is to protect his master, and his job is never done either. Throughout War Horse, Joey gets tasked with a variet...

Language and Communication

You might think that communication would be an issue for Joey since, you know, he can't talk. But in War Horse, both the English and German—who speak two different languages—manage to communica...


Humans and animals have been bonding since the beginning of time. Timmy and Lassie. Jane Goodall and her gorillas in the mist. These groovy hippie guys and Christian the lion. In War Horse, Joey th...


Sad as it may be, that adorable little pug puppy your adopted probably never knew its own family. And horses are no different, as we see at the very beginning of War Horse when Joey is taken away f...


There was no room for cowardice on a World War I battlefield, so soldiers and their horses alike had to be prepared to act without hesitation in the face of certain death. In War Horse, we see cour...


Go check out the medal ceremony for the 2012 London Olympic dressage competition.  Why? We'll tell you when you get back. Welcome back. So did you notice something? Even though the horses did...

Abandonment and Death

Try to name a story about an animal that isn't about abandonment. Any story. We'll hum the Jeopardy! theme about twenty times while you think...Nope, it isn't going to happen. From Bambi to Ha...

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