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War Horse
War Horse
by Michael Morpurgo

Warfare Quotes in War Horse Page 2

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Quote #4

All that was different were the uniforms. (9.11)

Joey observes that the two sides of the war, the English and the German, are basically the same. Both sides have good people and bad people and people that really, really, love horses. It's not personal, it's business.

Quote #5

"One shell, that's all it takes." (10.9)

Emilie's Grandpapa is talking about the death of Emilie's parents. Sounds familiar, though, right? That's because it's echoed throughout the novel, as "one shell" is all it takes to kill Friedrich, Coco the horse, and Albert's best friend, David. Scary.

Quote #6

Peace had come for one night. (10.13)

The rules of war are strange indeed. An unspoken truce puts an end to the gunfire and bloodshed for one night—Christmas Day.

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