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War Horse
War Horse
by Michael Morpurgo

War Horse Theme of Warfare

A Farewell to Arms. All Quiet on the Western Front. We're guessing you've read your share of war stories, and hey, maybe you're a little sick of 'em. Enter War Horse. This story changes it up by presenting war through the eyes of a horse. So leave all your ideas about World War I at the door, and get ready to experience it from a whole new perspective.

Questions About Warfare

  1. How are the horses affected by the horrors of war? How do their experiences compare to those of human soldiers?
  2. How would Joey's life have been different if he didn't have to go to war?
  3. Is War Horse anti-war or pro-war? How do you know? 
  4. How does war affect those who aren't soldiers (think of Albert's family and Emilie's family)?
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