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The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds


by H.G. Wells

 Table of Contents

The War of the Worlds Characters

Meet the Cast

The Narrator

Just give us the info.Who cares about the narrator? No one cares about him. (Maybe his wife, but that's up for debate.) Don't get us wrong, the man's got some interesting things going for him. But,...

The Narrator's Brother

If Martians attack, and you have the choice of going with the narrator or his brother, go with the brother. Neither of them has very much in the way of personality or character – or, heck, name....

The Martians

Sure, they come from thousands of miles away to kill us, steal our stuff, and drink our blood, but what's so bad about the Martians? Is that all it takes to make them monsters – drinking our bloo...

The Curate

Confess: did you secretly cheer when the curate gets eaten by the Martians? (Well, okay, we don't actually get confirmation that the Martians eat the curate, but we can assume they didn't invite hi...

The Artilleryman

What's worse: a) Someone who enjoys the end of the world because it provides him with a chance to move up in the world, or b) Someone who enjoys the end of the world because it provides him with a...

Mrs. Elphinstone and Miss Elphinstone

During his adventures, the narrator's brother meets Mrs. Elphinstone (who is married to Dr. Elphinstone, who isn't around) and Miss Elphinstone (who is Dr. Elphinstone's sister). They are a good ex...


Ogilvy is one of the three characters whose main job is to be incinerated. He's the first named person we meet in the story, and he's instrumental in the discovery of the first Martian cylinder. An...

Henderson and Stent

In addition to Ogilvy, Henderson (the journalist) and Stent (the Astronomer Royal) are the characters in this story whose main job is to be incinerated. (It's one of those jobs that doesn't require...

Lord Garrick

Alas, poor Garrick, we didn't know anything about him. His main role in the book is to get knocked off. He's the Chief Justice, which means that he's a VIP under normal conditions. But unfortunatel...
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