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The War on Terror Websites

Iraq Conflict

The Global Policy Forum maintains a valuable collection of articles on the Iraq conflict. Written by experts and reduced to manageable excerpts, these materials provide a useful introduction to the complex issues behind this conflict.

Jewish Virtual Library

The Jewish Virtual Library offers a rich collection of articles, documents, statistics, and information.  It is also searchable.  Sponsored by the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise it should be read accordingly. 

Iran on Iran

This site provides useful information on Iran and a particularly strong set of articles on Iran’s history. It is sponsored by the Iran Chamber Society and should be read accordingly.

Sunnis versus Shiites

National Public Radio has put together a useful five part article-series on the Sunni-Shiite schism. 

War on Terror: Afghanistan

This site, posted by East Carolina University, provides dozens of useful links for studying the war in Afghanistan.

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