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The War of the Titans Photos

    The War
    Want a body like these guys have? Just wage in epic war. No big deal. [Joachim Wtewael, The Battle Between the Gods and the Titans (1600)]

    In the Act
    Not a pretty picture, we know. [Giorgio Vasari, The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn (16th century)]

    They may not be main players, but boy is this one scary. [Annibale Carracci, The Cyclops Polyphemus (between 1595 and 1605)]

    Baby Zeus
    This little guy was bound for greatness even before he was born. [George Frederic Watts, The Infancy of Zeus (1896)]

    Mom to the Titans
    Who knew this lady could create such a messed up family? [Attic red-figure calyx-krater, 410-400 B.C. Gaia. Detail from Gigantomachy.]

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