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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


by Isaac Marion

Change Quotes in Warm Bodies

How we cite our quotes: (Part.Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

"We don't care about assigning blame for the human condition, we just want to cure it." (2.6.45)

You know when people have (or think they have) a chronic medical problem and they call it their "condition"? This is how Julie views the "human condition": as a sickness. And Dr. Julie is determined to cure it.

Quote #8

I know that I have a choice, and I choose to change no matter what the cost. (2.6.115)

R realizes this as he's dining on some tasty human flesh. But it's okay, it's not too late! He decides to change right then and not eat the brain. It's a start, but we can really just decide not to die and live forever? Does it seriously work that way? Maybe in the world of Warm Bodies it does.

Quote #9

I'm not a general or a colonel or a builder of cities. I'm just a corpse who wants not to be. (2.8.7)

The general (Julie's dad), Colonel (Rosso), and builder of cities (Perry's dad), didn't do anything but preserve the status quo. Here R learns that you don't have to be in a position of power to be an agent of change.

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