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Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies
by Isaac Marion

Change Quotes in Warm Bodies Page 1

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Quote #1

"There's something meaningful about growing things." (1.10.78)

Perry's original dream job is to be involved in gardening, to grow food and provide society with more options. This cultivating instinct becomes a part of R, too. When R eats Perry's brain, it plants a seed (see what we did there?) that becomes an idea, which leads R toward his goal of changing the world.

Quote #2

"You're going to be strong and beautiful and brilliant, and you're going to live forever. You're going to change the world." (1.10.149)

This line from Perry to Julie is almost as sappy as Eric Clapton's "Change the World." Almost. But once you know how Warm Bodies ends, this line turns out be a pretty big piece of foreshadowing.

Quote #3

"You're wrong. You fucking monsters are wrong. About everything." (1.10.195)

R is angry here, obviously. He's angry at the world. The monsters here aren't the zombies, they're the people who readily give in to death, like it's their only choice. This anger drives R to change things.

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