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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


by Isaac Marion

 Table of Contents

Warm Bodies Characters

Meet the Cast


Shambling Towards EcstasyThe basics? R is our zombie narrator. He's not a gross, festering zombie with half his body parts falling off like in The Walking Dead or Resident Evil. He's still "in the...

Julie Grigio

Fell in Love with a GhoulJulie is the Juliet to R's Romeo. When R first sees her, he describes her eyes as "classic novels and poetry" (1.2.35). We all know Romeo was prone to bouts of poetry whene...

General Grigio

DeadlockedIf we had to pick an antagonist for Warm Bodies, it would be a toss-up between the Boneys (see "The Dead" for more info) or Julie's dad, General Grigio. In fact, the General is pretty muc...


M GroaningM is R's best friend, as far as zombies have friends. He's described as "hundreds of pounds of muscle and fat draped on a six-foot-five frame. Bearded, bald, bruised, and rotten" (1.1.11)...

Nora Greene

Hello, Nurse!When Nora, Perry, and Julie are talking about what they would want to be when they grow up, if it weren't for the pesky zombie plague, Nora says she wants to be a nurse. That's right:...

Perry Kelvin

The Dead ZoneAt this point, we've talked about R, Julie, Nora, and M. We're almost out of Romeo and Juliet characters to compare these guys to. Who's left, who's left? Hmm... Oh. Right. This guy. W...


Old Friend Colonel Rosso is a father figure to Julie and, to a lesser extent, Perry. Even though he is General Grigio's lackey, he's capable of independent thought. He mentors Perry, introducing hi...

The Dead

Dead and Loving ItThe Dead in Warm Bodies are unlike the zombies we've come to know and love to fear in our common cultural mythology. These crusty old corpses have a sense of community. A strange...

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