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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


by Isaac Marion

Julie Grigio Timeline & Summary

  • One day, Julie's on a mission with her boyfriend, Perry, when zombies attack and eat him.
  • This zombie, who is pretty cute for an undead guy, knows her name! Weird. He takes her back to the airport where he lives.
  • Instead of trying to escape, Julie hangs out in the zombie's airplane and listens to her iPod.
  • She flirts with the zombie and becomes BFFs with him.
  • Then one day she wants to leave. She tries to waltz out the front door, but other zombies try to eat her and the cute zombie, R, has to save her. Yay!
  • She still wants to go home, though, so she has R drive her almost all the way back home before she ditches him.
  • One night, she's hanging out with her friend, Nora, and talking to her private tape recorder journal thing on her balcony when all of sudden R the zombie shows up.
  • Julie takes him on a tour of the town and gets him drunk. Then he disappears, but she's not too concerned about the zombie she let into town running loose.
  • She should have been because he goes and bites a guard. It is of the utmost importance that Julie get him out of the stadium. But first, she needs a nap.
  • After her nap, her dad shows up and tries to kill her hot new zombie boyfriend. They manage to escape, only to find that skeletons have taken over, so they go back to the stadium and hide on the roof.
  • While skeletons are killing everyone, Julie and R make out. Julie starts feeling different, and her eyes turn gold.
  • Her dad thinks she's a zombie and decides to shoot her. But her friend Colonel Rosso stabs dad in the foot. He falls off the edge of the stadium, gets eaten by skeleton and dies. Oh well.
  • Julie sad for a second, but then she realizes her Dead boyfriend is now alive. Hooray. The end.