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Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies
by Isaac Marion

Consciousness and Existence Quotes in Warm Bodies Page 2

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Quote #4

She is Living and I'm Dead, but I like to believe we're both human. (1.6.5)

R explores what it means to be human. He and the zombies still have a head, two arms, two legs (well, most of them do). They just like to eat people. So does this mean they're not human?

Quote #5

"Staying alive is pretty fucking important... but there's got to be something beyond that, right?" (1.8.52)

Julie's making an argument that staying alive isn't the same as living. What the Living have done is lock themselves away from any danger and, as a result, any danger and experience. This is existing, not living.

Quote #6

I've never thought of these other creatures walking around me as people. Human, yes, but not people. (1.8.78)

So R doesn't think that people shambling around mindless, unable to put two words together coherently, are people? What else do you call a bunch of students stuck in an 8 a.m. class?

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