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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


by Isaac Marion

Consciousness and Existence Quotes in Warm Bodies

How we cite our quotes: (Part.Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #1

When I was alive [...] I remember effort. I remember targets and deadlines, goals and ambitions. I remember being purposeful, always everywhere all the time. (1.1.29)

Oh yeah? Well, when we were alive, we had to snowshoe to school. Blindfolded. In a sandstorm. Uphill three ways! In all seriousness folks, what R is saying here is that life is about movement, death is static, unchanging. R's movement is done on escalators and conveyor belts—machinery that does the movement for him. Death seems pretty easy compared to life, but is easy a good thing?

Quote #2

Sex, once a law as undisputed as gravity, has been disproved. [...] Sometimes it's a relief. [...] But our loss of this, the most basic of all human passions, might sum up our loss of everything else. (1.3.20-1.3.21)

R's race, for lack of a better word, manages to exist and sustain itself without sexual reproduction. But the lack of sex is a result of their general lack of connectedness, and according to Julie, that may have just been the cause of the zombie outbreak in the first place. So, new rule: if you're in a slasher movie, don't have sex. If you're in a zombie movie, have sex. It just might save the day.

Quote #3

The new hunger demands sacrifice. It demands human suffering as the price for our pleasures, meager and cheap as they are. (1.5.29)

All creatures have to eat other creatures to survive. All the zombie apocalypse has done is knocked humans off their top perch on the food chain. For any other creature in existence, not much has changed.

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