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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies Theme of Passivity

We were going to talk about passivity here, but, ugh, that would require effort. We're right in the middle of a two-day-long Walking Dead marathon, and, ugh, thinking? Turning our brains on? Nah, we'd rather not.

Don't get us wrong, we love TV, reading, relaxing, all that stuff. But it can get to a point where you're not just watching The Walking Dead—you are the walking dead. Instead of being engaged in life, you're just sailing through it, and it's hard to tell the difference between you and a drooling, brain-eating zombie. In Warm Bodies, Julie's theory is that passivity, an overwhelming malaise, is what led to the zombie outbreak. Not a virus or biological warfare, just good old-fashioned laziness. So engage your brain, or it just might get eaten.

Questions About Passivity

  1. In what ways are the Dead community and the Living community similar in their passive ways of interacting with the world?
  2. How has the Living's passivity led to the zombie outbreak? In what ways are they still passive?
  3. Perry used to be an active dreamer. Why did he succumb to passivity?

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