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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies Questions

  1. What freedom-limiting measures are implemented in the Stadium in the name of safety? How does it affect the Living's quality of life? In what ways today do we limit our freedom in the name of safety and is it worth it? Will it be worth it when the zombies come?
  2. What do you think caused the zombie outbreak?
  3. After the end of the novel, how will the Dead and the Living co-exist, and what problems might arise? Do you think they'll make it work?
  4. Why do the Boneys suddenly slow down and stop at the end of the novel?
  5. Why is the novel divided into three parts called "Steps"? What does each step represent in R's journey?
  6. How would Warm Bodies be different if it were narrated from a Living character's point of view?
  7. We have links to all the Beatles and Sinatra songs on our "Allusions" page. How do these songs fit in with the themes in the novel?

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