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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


by Isaac Marion

R Timeline & Summary

  • R hangs out in the airport all day, groaning and stuff, except when he goes out hunting for brains.
  • On one of those brain hunts, he eats Perry Kelvin's brain and has visions of a beautiful girl: Julie.
  • Julie just happens to be right there, next on the zombie's lunch menu. R saves her and takes her back to the airport.
  • Wooing her with his awesome taste in music and his general lack of disgusting decay, R and Julie become friends.
  • R accompanies Julie back to the stadium where she lives, but she ditches him!
  • On the way back to the airport, R runs into M who tells him that other zombies are changing—they're having memories and dreams—and the Boneys, the de facto rulers of the zombies, are not pleased. Tension = building.
  • R sneaks into the stadium and finds Julie. She and her friend, Nora, show him around town.
  • After one drink too many, R shuffles back to Julie's place... but runs into a guard. The guard suspects him to be a zombie, so R eats him. But only, like, halfway, so that's okay, right?
  • That guard turns into a zombie and the stadium goes on full alert!
  • Things are really getting tense. After a nap, R and Julie escape the stadium. 
  • Outside, the Boneys are waging full-scale war. R and Julie go back to the stadium where the armed guards there can deal with the skeletons.
  • They decide to chill out on top of the stadium, where' Julie's dad interrupts them in the middle of a kiss.
  • After dad falls over the edge and dies, R realizes that he turned Living after kissing Julie. He can feel pain... and pleasure.
  • He vows to find a cure for death. The end.