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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies


by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies Steaminess Rating

Exactly how steamy is this story?


Warm Bodies is the steamiest little necrophilia story we've read since that time Hugh Hefner dated identical triplets. Sorry, Julie, but it's true—you've got the hots for a dead guy. While rare, this isn't impossible: "The overwhelming majority of necrophiles are male, as are most paraphiliacs more generally, but there are occasional female cases. The most infamous being Karen Greenlee, the American who fell in love and kidnapped a dead male from a funeral home" (source).

Putting aside the taboo nature of this topic, the book isn't that steamy. There's some passionate kissing, and R does witness his "wife" bumping decayed uglies with another zombie, but it's more like an instructional video on what not to do rather than a sexy love scene. We imagine that after the end of Warm Bodies, now that R's blood is pumping again, things can start getting steamy for our hero.

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