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by Alan Moore

Watchmen Resources


Alan Moore Would Tell You Not To Click Here

But if there’s a homepage for Watchmen, this is it.

The Magazine For All Things Moore-ish

Based in Northampton, England, Alan Moore runs this mag with his signature style.

A PhD In Comic Books, Coming Soon To A University Near You

You can write your thesis on Watchmen? Sign us up, please.

I Can Haz Watchmen

This blog has links to all sorts of funny, random, viral stuff.


Watchmen: Zee Movie (2009)

Thanks to director Zack Snyder, lovers of super slo-mo can finally witness a live-action Watchmen on the silver screen.

Arrrr! Tales from the Black Freighter (2009)

No longer do you have to choose between zombies and pirates. Made to accompany the feature film, this direct-to-video animated short will satisfy Watchmen purists who enjoy a little carnage in their lives.

The Motion (sick) Comic (2008)

Thanks to Dave Gibbons’ original artwork and the fact that one narrator performs all the voices, this project turns out to be one weird hybrid: part cartoon, part book-on-tape, part storyboard. It’s kind of awkward, but it’s authentic Watchmen, word-for-word.


The Bearded One Speaks

Click here for a transcript of Moore’s interview with fellow comics writer, Kurt Amacker.

Mr. Moore, The President Is Calling

Barack Obama asks Alan Moore to write his official biography in this satirical piece from The Onion.

A Little Hero-Worship Is Fine, Just Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

Here’s a quick behind-the-scenes look at the man, the myth, the legend that is Alan Moore.

What About The Illustrator?

This interview with Dave Gibbons sheds some light on Watchmen and his working relationship with you know who.


Best Opening Sequence Ever. Period.

Really, what else is there to say? Note the use of “The Times They Are a–Changin” by Bob Dylan, the singer-songwriter who inspired the titles for Chapters I and X.

Yay! Saturday Morning Cartoons!

This adaptation is Alan Moore’s favorite, no joke.

OMG, Is This Movie Based On A Book?

Not even the screenwriter knows for sure.

Moore’s Law

If you can get used to his accent, anything is possible.


Warning: Snarky Film Critic Ahead

Listen to this radio review for a professional’s take on Watchmen.

We’re All Ears

An archive of memorable lines from the 2009 film.


Illustrators Don’t Work For Peanuts

Charlie Brown and the gang play dress-up.

This Guy?

Congratulations, you’ve survived 400 pages inside Alan Moore’s head.

The Original Lineup

Minutemen portrait, 1940.

New Kids On The Block

The Crimebusters, looking tough in 1966.

Bart Simpson And Alan Moore

Causing trouble, picking on Milhouse, you know, the usual.

Charlton Heroes, The Inspiration For It All

DC Comics wouldn’t let Moore use these guys for his story, so he and Gibbons had to make their own.

Give Us A Rough Sketch

This is Dave Gibbons’ early attempt at the Watchmen look.

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