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Watership Down

Watership Down


by Richard Adams

Hazel Timeline and Summary

  • And by timeline, we mean to-do list: Listen to Fiver's warning and organize the rabbits to leave Sandleford.
  • Lead the rabbits from Sandleford to Cowslip's warren.
  • Escape Cowslip's warren and make it to Watership Down.
  • Realize there are no women rabbits in Watership Down.
  • Befriend Kehaar, get him to find female rabbits.Recon and raid Nuthanger Farm.
  • Get shot at Nuthanger Farm trying to protect the other rabbits.
  • Get found by Fiver thanks to his mystical abilities.
  • Limp back to Watership Down, begin planning a raid on Efrafa.
  • Lead the raid on Efrafa—but let Bigwig do the real dangerous part.
  • Escape back to Watership Down.Try to make peace when Woundwort's army shows up.
  • Get inspired by an idea to use a dog as a weapon against Woundwort.
  • Get caught by a farm cat while freeing the dog.
  • Get saved from the cat by a little girl and released by a good doctor.
  • Live happily ever after. Die, but feel strength going into the next generation.