We Real Cool
We Real Cool
by Gwendolyn Brooks

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Brooks Reading the Poem
Some poets sound bored when reading their own work. Not Brooks. Essential listening.


Gwendolyn Brooks

A photo of a thoughtful-looking Brooks.

Young Brooks

A photo of the young poet.

Pool Hall

A picture of an old-time pool hall.

Historical Documents

A Book Review
Brooks wrote a review of a biography of Langston Hughes that is worth reading.


A Life of Gwendolyn Brooks
A biography of Brooks by George Kent.



Includes a bibliography of Brooks and a good selection of her poems.

Modern American Poetry, "We Real Cool"

A great summary of the different interpretations critics have given to the poem, including one that focuses on sexually suggestive readings.

Poetry Foundation

One of the best introductory resources for Brooks poems, articles, and a lengthy biography.


A television program dedicated to honoring Brooks.
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