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Wepwawet Photos

First in Line
My standard always gets to go in front of the other standards and banners. It's great to be first. [Drawing of a Wepwawet standard, probably from a temple relief. Drawing ca. 1849 by Karl Richard Lepsius, in Denkmaler aus Aegypten und Aethiopien.Scan 2008 by Tedmek.]

Hanging with Horus
Hori and his friend carry our standards to a temple party. Of course, I'm in front! [Photograph of two priests carrying Wepwawet and Horus standards from the tomb of Hori in Luxor, Egypt. Photograph by Ludwig Borchardt in Siegfried Schott, Altägyptische Festdaten, 1950.Scan 2009 by Magnus Manske.]

Nice Doggie!
The North African Jackal is my symbol. Isn't he cute? [Photograph from The living animals of the world by C. J. Cornish, et al., 1902.Scan 2010 by Mousse.]

Be There With Bells on
Even the Romans in Egypt liked me. Check out this awesome statue they made, with a shiny bell for my neck. [Photograph of a Wepwawet statue, Greco-Roman period, probably 4th Dynasty CE. Photo 2002 by Greudin. Uploaded 2009 by Korribot.]

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