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Wepwawet's Wall


Dude, did you SEE this? Call of Duty FTW!

Aw yeah! This is going to rock. SURPRISE! LOL

Was that Robert Downey Jr.?

Not sure. Sounded like him, though.

Who cares? Are we playing, or what?

Oh, it's on. Mom says everybody can hang out at my place. I've got enough room for a LAN party.

War games. Can I come?


Don't you remember what happened last time you two played war games?

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Fine. I'll sit this one out.

Can I come? Someone needs to handle the zombies. I'm good at it.


posted an event: Road Trip Party!


I love road trips. I'm in.

I love parties! I'm in.

Wait, is it a road trip or a party?

Does it matter?

Of course it matters. We can't go on any road trips. Horus has school.

I'm a god. I think I can take a day off school, Ma.

Over my dead body.

Good thing you didn't say my dead body, dear.

That's not funny. But my question still stands.

It's a party. For a road trip. Or a party I'm having while I'm on a road trip. I do what I want.

Well, maybe we can come for a couple of hours. But Horus has to finish his homework first.


So, I had a question.



Who are you? I've heard you're the same as Anubis.

I'm the opener of the ways, the first of the gods on the scene. I am older than Anubis, but I'm also very similar. At some point we were made identical. And sometimes, he has my name.


I have your name sometimes, too.

Hey, that's right!


Wait, does that mean you're the same?


Of course not, silly human.


But who are you?

Didn't I just answer that?


Who are you really?

I'm Batman.

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likes this.

I'm bored. What's going on?

I'm still at work.

When are you not at work?

Well, you have a point there.

Dead people don't wait.

True. Want some company?

Sure. But you have to promise not to get sidetracked. We have to get to the Duat in time for their judgments.

But there are so many roads! I won't lose anybody, I promise.

Thanks for sharing.

Always good to remember our brothers and sisters in battle.

Yes, it is. They should never be forgotten.


I was wondering if you've seen my daughter Hathor.

Wait, my wife's run off?

Did she wander off again? Silly cow.


Yes, she does this once a year, it seems. Throws a tantrum and takes off.

Well, last year, she headed south. Did you check there?


I was hoping you'd go look for me. I have a sunrise to make, you know.

Right. Mind if I drag Thoth and Shu along for company?


Go ahead. Just bring her back before winter.

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