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The Westing Game

The Westing Game


by Ellen Raskin

Angela Wexler Timeline and Summary

  • Angela first appears when she's being fitted for her wedding dress and notices smoke coming from the Westing house.
  • She offers to help Turtle with her witch costume.
  • At the first will reading, she's paired up with Sydelle.
  • When everyone's snowbound, Angela and Sydelle meet with the other tenants, and then work on evaluating the clues they've gathered; they seem to have more than anyone else.
  • At the judge's party, Angela doesn't wear her wedding ring – she says she's got a rash – and is humiliated by her mother when Grace makes her leave to go change her clothes.
  • She goes into the kitchen and cries.
  • She and Sydelle go to the heir meeting in the coffee shop, where the first bomb explodes.
  • She and Turtle then squabble about a newspaper she borrowed, and Angela realizes Turtle depends on her braid the same way Sydelle depends on her crutch.
  • The bomber sets off a second bomb.
  • At dinner in the Chinese restaurant, Angela admits to Theo that she had wanted to be a doctor, but dropped out of school.
  • When the second bomb goes off, Sydelle is injured and Angela is really worried.
  • When Dr. Deere takes her to visit Sydelle in the hospital, he and Angela argue about whether she even wants to get married at all.
  • The third bomb goes off during Angela's bridal shower: it's a present that explodes while she's opening it. She keeps Turtle from getting hurt by it, but it burns her hands and cuts her face.
  • In the hospital, Turtle visits and reminds her of how she used to say inner beauty was more important than outer. Turtle also cautions her not to admit to the bombings.
  • Meanwhile, Angela collects more clues from anonymous sources and from Chris.
  • She and Sydelle work on figuring their clues out and come up with "America." From there, they figure out the clue, "Amber."
  • But their answer's not right at the second will reading, just like all the other heirs' aren't.
  • After the dust settles from the Westing game, Angela breaks up with Dr. Deere and goes back to college.
  • Five years later, she's in the middle of med school and runs into Dr. Deere again. They start going back out.
  • At the end of the book, she and Dr. Deere are married, and have a daughter, Alice.