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The Westing Game

The Westing Game


by Ellen Raskin

Turtle Wexler Timeline and Summary

  • All the tenants move into Sunset Towers.
  • Turtle makes a bet to stay in the Westing house on Halloween night. Angela offers to help her with her costume.
  • Turtle dresses as a witch for her dare into the Westing house, and comes out screaming when she sees a dead body.
  • The next morning, she sees Westing's obituary in the paper.
  • At the first will reading, she gets paired up with Flora. Turtle thinks the answer to the game is to win at the stock market.
  • After the will reading, the tenants are snowed in. Turtle sells timed candles she made.
  • When her mother tries to bribe her into sharing her clues, Turtle is disappointed and refuses.
  • The next time she needs help with her hair, she asks Flora.
  • They attend the heirs' meeting in the coffee shop, where the first bomb goes off.
  • Afterwards, Turtle and Angela disagree about a newspaper Angela borrowed, and Turtle makes a crack about Sydelle's crutch.
  • At dinner in the Chinese restaurant, Turtle keeps listening to the stock market, until the second bomb goes off.
  • Turtle and Flora buy stock based on their clues.
  • At the third, bridal shower bombing, Turtle realizes Angela is the bomber.
  • Turtle does research and decides they should buy WPP stock.
  • Turtle visits Angela in the hospital and tells her not to admit to the bombing. When she thinks Theo knows Angela's the bomber – he doesn't – she decides to cover it up.
  • She sets off the fourth bomb in the elevator and burns her hair.
  • When she meets with the judge about it, Turtle accidentally reveals Angela's the bomber, because she's so focused on keeping that a secret.
  • During their discussion, Turtle and the judge both realize that Sam Westing might not be dead after all.
  • Turtle sells Sandy her last timed candle, and admits to all the bombings. She has her poor hair cut off.
  • At the second reading, she and Flora give their stock market answer, but all the teams' answers are wrong.
  • Sandy tells her she can still win, though; then he dies. Turtle's sad over her friend's death.
  • When the heirs are regrouping back at the judge's apartment, Turtle decides that something's fishy and decides to hold a trial, where she goes back over the will and questions many of the other players.
  • She discovers the missing word and figures out what the real solution to the game is, but then she still has to keep it from the other players.
  • When the meeting's over, Turtle goes to Julian Eastman's house, addresses him as Sandy, and says she won.
  • She keeps that a secret from everyone else.
  • Five years later, she calls herself T.R. and wins a chess game with him.
  • Several years after that, she's with Sandy while he's dying. She fills him in on what's going on with all the other heirs – she married Theo. The day of Sandy's real funeral, she goes to play chess with her niece Alice.