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Algebra Introduction

Algebra Introduction

At a Glance - Important Formulas

Just a quick video to get you acquainted with one important formula: the quadratic equation.

Some formulas are so important that they’re top government secrets, or they're known only to the cook staff at Mack and Cheesie’s World Famous Chili Joint. But you have complete and total access to some of the most important formulas out there—and we’re going to recommend that you take full advantage of that.

You’ll be introduced to such must-knows as the quadratic equation, slope-intercept form, and the distance and midpoint formulas. We won't bog you down with details now, since you’re just getting into this algebra stuff, but let's just say that you'll know all of these backwards and forwards by the time you’re through. 

On second thought, just concentrate on knowing them forwards. You’ve got enough going on in that head of yours.

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