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What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love


by Raymond Carver

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Resources



Carve up Carver on Carversite.

The Raymond Carver Review

If you ever decide to become a serious Carver scholar (yes, such people really exist), this journal might come in handy.

International Raymond Carver Society

Are you a hard-core Carver addict? Find your fellows.

Movie or TV Productions

What, Only Thirteen Minutes?

"When We Talk About Love" was adapted for a short, thirteen-minute film. Seriously, how can thirteen minutes possibly be enough to fit it all in?

Articles & Interviews


Check out the original draft of the story that became "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love." Just don't get too hung up on this version—it's quite different.

Edited Version of Beginners

This document shows "Beginners" with the changes and cuts from Carver's editor, if you want to snoop on the writing process.

Carver, Interviewed

Get the goods from the horse's mouth. Or some other cliché.

"Raymond Carver's Life and Stories"

This essay by author Stephen King (yep, that Stephen King) talks Carver the man and Carver the author.

"The Real Carver: Expansive or Minimal?"

Some folks call Carver a minimalist. But Carver wasn't havin' that.

"A Story Teller's Shop Talk"

Your new favorite storyteller gives us the skinny on his writing process.


An Excerpt

This clip comes to us from a PBS documentary on Carver called To Write and Keep Kind (1992).


A Picture

Steve McQueen. Oops we mean Raymond Carver.

A Book Cover

This is pretty sexy at first glance. Then we realize that the woman in the picture is in bed, alone. Some of Carver's characters just aren't lucky in love.


Raymond Carver: Collected Stories

Dig in, Carver fans. Almost everything Carver wrote is included here, in this Library of America edition of his writings.

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