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When I was One-and-Twenty
When I was One-and-Twenty
by A.E. Housman

When I was One-and-Twenty Resources

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Housman Biography

Sadly, Housman had a kind of tragic life. You can read about it on

Another Biography

This one is longer and comes from the Poetry Foundation.


It turns out that this particular corner of England inspired more poets than Housman. Find out all about this delightful corner of England here.


"When I was One-and-Twenty"
A reading of the poem, plus a kind of scary animation of A.E. Housman.


The History Boys (2006)
A pretty great movie about British prep school. Nope, there aren't any huge house parties. But hey, at least they recite some Housman poems!


Shropshire Songs Put To Music
Get a taste of the Shropshire Lad songs on YouTube.


The Poet
It turns out that Housman was a dapper young lad…


A Shropshire Lad
Can't get enough of the young lad doing the things that young lads do? Well, this is the poetry collection for you.
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