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When You Reach Me
When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead
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When You Reach Me Chapter 28 Summary

Things That Crack

  • Julia is waiting outside of the classroom for Miranda. She calls her an idiot and tells her that Annemarie was spacing out because of her epilepsy. Miranda had no idea.
  • It turns out that Annemarie is not supposed to eat bread or drink soda, or do any of the stuff she does at Jimmy's. The special diet is to control her seizures – which she just had.
  • Julia also asks Miranda why she doesn't like her, though Miranda doesn't have a good answer. Julia gets frustrated and flings her arm, cracking her little silver watch.
  • On the walk home, Miranda sees Sal up ahead and also Marcus. She could call out and introduce them to each other, but doesn't – maybe that would have changed things, she notes retrospectively.
  • Instead Sal kneels to tie his shoes and Marcus whizzes by both of them, saying nothing.
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