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When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me


by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me Chapter 30 Summary

The Third Note

  • It's the first day of December and really cold. Miranda puts on her winter coat. Miranda's mom is still in bed, so she grabs some money out of her mom's pocket.
  • On her walk to school she finds something in her pocket: the third note.
  • The note gives Miranda three proofs – three dates, actually, followed by three clues.
  • The first is about Colin's knapsack; it reads "3 p.m. today" (30.13).
  • The second is about Christmas Day ("tesser well"). This has something to do with A Wrinkle in Time (it's a phrase used in the book – "tesser" means to travel through time and space).
  • The third is April 27th: Studio TV-15 (30.13). Miranda doesn't understand this one since she hasn't received the postcard yet about Mom's appearance on $20,000 Pyramid.
  • Miranda reads the note over and over and Marcus appears. He waves at her and walks along next to her.

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