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When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me


by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me Chapter 33 Summary

Things You Give Away

  • Miranda is puzzled – not that Colin would take the rolls (in fact, that sounds like some prank he would pull), but that the note told her where to find the proof.
  • Who put the note in her pocket? And when? The same day of the first note? That doesn't occur to her.
  • Why Miranda? Why does she have to do something? Is someone messing with her? These and other questions run through her mind.
  • Miranda goes over to visit Annemarie, where she eats warm almonds (better than it sounds) and fizzy lemonade.
  • Annemarie has her rose propped up in a silver vase. She also has a sketchbook in which she's drawn a picture of the rose. She's pretty good. She offers to teach Miranda how to draw, but Miranda knows that she could never do it (kind of like the V-cut thing).
  • Miranda feels a little jealous and a little mean, so she tells Annemarie that it was probably her dad who left the rose. Who else could get past the doorman? She leaves soon after that.
  • On her way home, Miranda is feeling pretty bad about what she said to Annemarie, so she stops and gives the Laughing Man her cheese sandwich. There's something weirdly familiar about him, but she brushes it away.
  • He asks again about the "burn scale" and mentions the "dome." Then he says, "I'm an old man, and she's gone now. So don't worry, okay?" Miranda says she won't worry. He says, "Smart kid" (33.37).

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