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When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me


by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me Chapter 34 Summary

Things That Get Stuck

  • Back at home, Miranda tells her mom that the Laughing Man maybe isn't crazy, but just a "crazy-shaped person" (34.3). She also tells her mom that she gave him a sandwich.
  • Miranda's mom proceeds to freak out. Miranda isn't sure why, since her mom is always doing stuff like that.
  • Mom points out that, yes, she does stuff like that, but she isn't twelve. Miranda says that her mom dresses like she's twelve. SNAP.
  • A fight ensues with Miranda stomping off to her room. Mom eventually comes to Miranda and apologizes, saying that she shouldn't have blown up like that. Miranda did do a nice thing.
  • Mom confesses that she's afraid of making anymore mistakes. She was afraid Miranda would get hurt. Miranda is the only thing she's done right.
  • Mom tells Miranda that Richard wants to get married. Miranda is happy. Mom isn't sure. She says she needs more time to think.
  • Mom leaves the room to check on the spaghetti.

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