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When You Reach Me
When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead
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When You Reach Me Chapter 36 Summary

Things That Turn Pink

  • Right before Christmas vacation, it snows and the kids spend the morning working on their Main Street projects.
  • Colin, Miranda, and Annemarie walk to Jimmy's, but, when they do, he slams the door in their faces.
  • Why? Someone's stolen the Fred Flintstone bank – and Jimmy assumes it's them. He tells them to get out and not come back or he'll call the police.
  • The three friends are puzzled. They eat pizza and discuss who would have taken the bank. They decide to write Jimmy a letter – or send him a card. Annemarie offers to buy the card.
  • They go to Gold's Stationery, a fancy store with leather diaries and expensive pens.
  • Annemarie picks out a card with a rose and shows it to Colin. He shrugs his shoulders. That's not the response she was looking for, apparently.
  • She asks the cashier to put the card on her dad's account. Colin asks if she'll buy him some baseball cards, and she says she can't.
  • After school, Annemarie and Miranda go to Annemarie's house, where they write Jimmy a note telling him that they didn't take the bank and they'd like to come back to work.
  • Annemarie and Miranda hang out and make plans for what they'll do over Christmas vacation. Miranda tries not to think about what Sal would be doing – playing basketball until the first big snow, probably.
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