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When You Reach Me
When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead
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When You Reach Me Chapter 40 Summary

Things in an Elevator

  • On New Year's Day, Miranda leaves a note for her mom and goes out for a bagel.
  • Only she doesn't really go get a bagel; instead, she goes to a payphone and calls Annemarie's house. The dad answers. He invites Miranda over – says he's already poured a juice glass for her.
  • Miranda goes and, when Annemarie opens the door, she's not mad at all. They have a great morning. They draw with all the cool art things Annemarie got for Christmas and eat bacon (Annemarie) and French toast strips (Miranda).
  • Then Mom calls. Miranda had forgotten about her. Clearly she's in big trouble. She waits by the door in her coat for Mom to show up.
  • The two ride down the elevator together. Mom doesn't yell, instead she bursts into tears – which makes Miranda burst into tears.
  • Mom tells her how scared she was. She tells Miranda to never do that again. Miranda says OK.
  • The two decide to go to a movie – and hold hands and eat popcorn.
  • When they get back home, Richard is standing out in front of the building. Mom forgot about him. They all decide to go have a late breakfast at a nearby diner.
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