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When You Reach Me
When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead
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When You Reach Me Chapter 41 Summary

Things You Realize

  • School starts again, and it's now 1979.
  • Everyone is at a music assembly. Miranda stares at Sal's head, missing him.
  • She sees Julia staring at Annemarie. That's when she realizes that Annemarie is Julia's Sal. She also realizes that Julia is the one who left the rose. Julia does care about Annemarie, but Annemarie doesn't see it because of Miranda.
  • Miranda turns a corner and decides to be nice – better. She notices Alice Evans squirming in her seat and decides to go with her to the bathroom.
  • Revelation: "Sometimes you never feel meaner than the moment you stop being mean" (41.8).
  • Walking to the bathroom, they pass Colin and Jay Stringer, who laugh. Colin has made a joke. About who? Her? She grabs Alice's hand and runs up the aisle.
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