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When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me


by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me Chapter 43 Summary

Things That Turn Upside Down

  • That afternoon Sal brings Colin home with him to play basketball and skateboard.
  • Miranda's heart hurts to see them playing, so she goes to Belle's shop. Belle gives her vitamin C chewables and asks her about her book.
  • Miranda tells Belle about the Aunt Beast section of the book, the part where Meg goes to a wonderful planet full of good food and comfort.
  • Meg can't stay there, though. She has to save her brother from the evil thing known as IT.
  • When Meg gets to Camazotz, her brother's mind has been taken over. He's saying mean, ugly things. She knows that she loves him, though, and figures out a way to defeat IT: love. IT doesn't understand love!
  • Belle likes the story and says it's very "deep" (43.13). She adds that it's simple to love someone, but less simple to know when you should tell them that. This makes Miranda want to cry.
  • Miranda buys some chocolate milk from Belle and, as Belle is ringing her up, she tells her that the Laughing Man has been coming in and using two-dollar bills to buy "butter-on-white and a banana" (43.24).
  • The Laughing Man stole the bank! Belle remarks that he is looney, but polite.
  • Miranda returns home and Colin and Sal are in the lobby. Colin asks her to hang out, but she says her mom is sick and heads upstairs.
  • Julia calls and makes plans with Miranda to bake a practice flourless birthday cake for Annemarie the following day.
  • It gets dark outside and there is a tap at the door. Miranda is scared. Guess who it is, though! Colin. He kisses her, and she kisses him back.

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