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When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me


by Rebecca Stead

When You Reach Me Chapter 48 Summary

Things You Protect

  • Miranda is in Wheelie's office, ready to be a runner for the dentist. That's when a pair of police officers shows up looking for Marcus.
  • Wheelie looks afraid and tries to stall them a bit. Miranda goes to the dentist office to use the phone – and calls her Mom and asks her to come. Now. Mom says she's on her way.
  • In the meantime, the dentist sends Miranda to pull Marcus out of class. Marcus hides in the dentist office while the dentist stalls the police knocking at the door.
  • During this time Miranda finds out why Marcus hit Sal:
  • Marcus' brother Anthony had gotten in a fight the day before. He wanted to know why Marcus didn't help.
  • He told Marcus that he should hit someone – and get hit back. Then he'd understand.
  • Marcus did just that the next day. He hit Sal – except Sal didn't hit back. So he walked away.
  • Anthony reamed Marcus for what he'd done.
  • Marcus then figures out that it was Miranda holding the poster with the yawns. He starts to tell her about the "Mysteries of Science" and yawns, but there are footsteps in the hall.
  • Mom shows up and intercepts the police at the door to the dentist's office. She tells them that they have to deal with her and not Marcus since Marcus is a minor. The three leave.
  • Eventually Mom returns and says the coast is clear. She's wearing a suit skirt and a blazer.

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