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When You Reach Me
When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead
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When You Reach Me Chapter 50 Summary

The $20,000 Dollar Pyramid

  • The day of the game show appearance arrives. Mom brings a sweater just in case the place is air-conditioned.
  • Miranda tells her mother that she is going to win.
  • Miranda sits in the audience and Dick Clark comes out. Louisa starts talking about how it looks like Dick Clark never ages.
  • Then there is music. The speed round starts. Mom gets seven out of seven right and wins the cash bonus. Her celebrity partner is terrific.
  • Then it's time for the winner's circle. Miranda hopes her mom can lift the veil with all of Dick Clark's chatting. They didn't practice that.
  • Miranda chants "magic thread" to herself.
  • Then the "strangest thing" happens (50.25).
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