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When You Reach Me
When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead
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When You Reach Me Chapter 51 Summary

Magic Thread

  • Mom is jumping up and down. There is cheering. She is hugging Dick Clark. Mom has won $10,000 in the Winner's Circle.
  • Miranda is jumping up and down, too, because her Mom won, but also because "at the very moment Dick Clark said the word 'Go,' it was like an invisible hand reached out and snatched away my veil" (51.5).
  • Miranda understands everything now. Mainly:
  1. When the Laughing Man took the key, left the notes, and stole the shoes and bank, he did so because he had read Miranda's letter – even though she has not written it yet.
  2. It doesn't make sense, but it is true.
  3. Also, Marcus is the Laughing Man. The Laughing Man is Marcus.
  4. It doesn't make sense, but it is true.
  • Miranda also understands how saving Sal is also saving himself.
  • She realizes now whom she must deliver the letter to: Marcus. "Marcus is the magic thread" (51.18).
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