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When You Reach Me
When You Reach Me
by Rebecca Stead
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When You Reach Me Literature and Writing Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

I still think about the letter you asked me to write. It nags at me, even though you're gone and there's no one to give it to me anymore. Sometimes I work on it in my head, trying to map out the story you asked me to tell, about everything that happened this past fall and winter. It's all still there, like a movie I can watch when I want to. Which is never. (1.5)

The letter that Miranda has to write is at the heart of this novel. Why is it important that Miranda write a letter? What will writing the letter do for Miranda? How is writing one's own story an important lesson?

Quote #2

"Still reading the same book?" Belle asked, once I had settled into my folding chair next to the cash register to read. "It's looking pretty beat-up."

"I'm not still reading it," I told her. "I'm reading it again." I had probably read it a hundred times, which was why it looked so beat up. (3.4-5)

Meg loves one book more than any other and reads it constantly: A Wrinkle in Time. Why doesn't Miranda want to read other books? How is her relationship to A Wrinkle in Time like her relationship to Sal? What does this tell us about Miranda's character?

Quote #3

"—and then there's Shakespeare. He invented the name Miranda, you know, for The Tempest." (3.24)

Though Miranda claims she's named after a criminal (the "Miranda warnings"), her mother tells her that the name is also Shakespearean. Why doesn't Miranda pay any attention to this statement from her mother?

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