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When You Reach Me

When You Reach Me


by Rebecca Stead

Miranda Timeline and Summary

  • The postcard for $20,000 Pyramid arrives.
  • Miranda considers writing the letter for "you."
  • Miranda narrates the story of the events that happened last fall.
  • She watches Sal get punched by Marcus.
  • Miranda and Sal stop walking home from school together.
  • Miranda makes friends with Annemarie.
  • She brings Marcus to the dentist.
  • She and Annemarie begin working at Jimmy's with Colin.
  • Miranda gets the first note, then gets the second note.
  • Miranda tells us about "lifting the veil."
  • Jimmy kicks Julia out of the store.
  • The Laughing Man is running around on the street in his birthday suit.
  • Annemarie has a seizure.
  • Miranda finds out that Annemarie has epilepsy.
  • Annemarie tells Miranda that she got a rose on her doorstep.
  • Miranda gets the third note.
  • She gives the Laughing Man a sandwich.
  • Annemarie sleeps over at Miranda's apartment.
  • Jimmy fires Miranda, Colin, and Annemarie.
  • Jimmy makes racist remarks about Julia. Miranda and Annemarie fight.
  • Miranda gets a first-edition of A Wrinkle in Time for Christmas.
  • Miranda and Annemarie reconcile.
  • She becomes Alice Evan's bathroom partner.
  • Miranda calls a truce with Julia.
  • Miranda and Colin kiss.
  • Miranda sees the Laughing Man save Sal, then figures out the Laughing Man wrote the notes.
  • Miranda calls her mom to save Marcus from the police at school
  • Sal tells Miranda why he stopped walking home from school with her.
  • Marcus tells Miranda why he punched Sal.
  • Miranda's mom appears on $20,000 Pyramid.
  • Miranda figures out that Marcus is the Laughing Man and the Laughing Man is Marcus.
  • Miranda's mom wins.
  • Miranda writes Marcus's letter.