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Where Is My Mind?

Where Is My Mind?


by The Pixies


Pixies Website

This site is full of bios, tour dates, articles, news, and other neat Pixies-related things.


You can find a really interesting biography, and almost any Pixies release you could want, right here on the site of the band's U.K. label.

New York Times: "Three Bands Whose Rock is Their Own" (1988)

This article discusses the Pixies and two other bands just as they were starting to make a splash in the music world.

Slate.com: "Back to Black: The long-anticipated Pixies reunion" (2004)

When the band announced a reunion tour in 2004—eleven years after their breakup in 1993—fans and media got very excited. This article from April of the band's reunion year examines the Pixies closely on many levels, and is filled with interesting quotes from the band and the people they influenced.

IGN: "Pixies Interview" (2009)

After five years of Pixies togetherness, Frank Black talks with IGN about the band's activities since its reunion, as well as, yep, "Where is My Mind?".

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