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Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends


by Shel Silverstein

Where the Sidewalk Ends Resources


Silverstein on Poets.org

You know you've made it when you have your own section on poets.org.

The Bomb Dot Com

Where the sidewalk ends, the Internet begins. This site is full of all kinds of fun information, activities, and animations just for you.


Silverstein on "The Johnny Cash Show"

Silverstein and Cash play together on Johnny Cash's television show, then Silverstein plays alone. These two are the kings of cool.

The Giving Tree

An animated movie version of Silverstein's children's book, The Giving Tree, narrated by Silverstein himself. The man's quite a multi-tasker!


"Twistable Turnable Man"

Looks like we're not the only ones who love Mr. Silverstein. Here's a tribute to our poet, with musicians of fame old and new playing and singing his songs and poems.

"Where the Sidewalk Ends"

It's a bit hard to track down, but the audio version of Where the Sidewalk Ends is well worth the effort. After all, it is a Grammy-winner.


"Where the Sidewalk Ends"

If you're having trouble imagining just what lays beyond the sidewalk, this wraparound image, drawn by Silverstein, from the cover of his book ought to help.

Our Poet

Is he not the epitome of cool? Also, is it just us, or does he have huge feet?


Where the Sidewalk Ends

If you loved "Where the Sidewalk Ends," then you're sure to love the book that contains it, and tons more awesome poems.

Shel Silverstein on Amazon.com

This is an index of all of Silverstein's books that are available on Amazon.com, as well as a biography.

Movies & TV

Lafcadio: The Lion Who Shot Back

This movie, based on the book of the same name, was written and directed by the man himself, who seems to wear many hats, if we may say so.

Historical Documents

Shel's End

A brief farewell to Shel, a jack-of-all-trades, who died of a heart attack in 1999.

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