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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?


by Joyce Carol Oates

Connie Timeline and Summary

  • Connie is a 15-year-old girl who doesn't get along with her mother or sister.
  • One night she and her friend are dropped off at the local shopping plaza.
  • They run across the highway to a drive-in where older teens hang out.
  • At the drive-in, Connie is picked up by a boy named Eddie.
  • On the way to his car, Connie exchanges glances with a strange guy, who makes a threatening comment.
  • Connie and Eddie go out to eat at a different restaurant and spend some time in his car together.
  • Connie meets up with her friend back at the shopping plaza and they go home.
  • At some point later in the summer, Connie is left alone at home on a Sunday when the rest of her family go out for a barbecue.
  • A car pulls up in the driveway: it's Arnold Friend and Ellie Oscar.
  • Connie stands in the doorway as Arnold steps out of the car.
  • Arnold asks Connie to drive away with him but she refuses.
  • After some banter, Connie realizes that Arnold is a threat and asks him to leave, but he threatens to harm her family if she doesn't leave with him.
  • Connie runs into the house and makes a desperate attempt to call the police, but she breaks down in terror instead.
  • Connie eventually acquiesces to Arnold and steps out of the house to join him.