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1. What was going on in the 1960's? -> Peace riots
2. This story was in part inspired by Charles Schmid. What did Schmid do to make himself taller? -> Stuffed his boots
3. "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" is a song that inspired Oates. Who wrote it? -> Bob Dylan
4. Who was not a teen idol during the time this story is set? -> Elvis Presley
5. Which band shares a name with the author? -> Radiohead
6. Ellie listens to a show on: -> iPad
7. Arnold is undoubtedly a symbol for: -> Fame
8. How old is Connie? -> 24
9. What is the best way to talk abotu Connie and her mom's relationship? -> Bitter hatred and antipathy
10. June seems like the average: -> Scientist
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