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White Fang

White Fang


by Jack London

White Fang Timeline and Summary

  • White Fang is born in the hollowed-out cave on the banks of the river.
  • He grows up, exploring the wilderness around him and getting into all kinds of trouble. Mom invariably bails him out.
  • The other members of his litter die off in a famine, but he survives. Because he's just a little tough guy.
  • He runs into five Native Americans, who take him and his mother back to their camp. One man, Grey Beaver, recognizes his mother as a half-tame wolf-dog who ran off a while ago
  • He grows up in the village, being tormented by the other dogs (especially one evil jerk named Lip-lip).
  • He becomes a sled dog under Grey Beaver, but hates the other dogs and isn't treated too well by the humans either.
  • Grey Beaver takes White Fang on a trip to Fort Yukon. There, he makes a sport out of ambushing and killing white men's dogs.
  • The not-at-all-beautiful Beauty Smith buys White Fang for a bunch of booze. He whips him and beats him until White Fang hates everything, then turns him loose on the dog-fighting circuit. 
  • White Fang does well. Really well. Killing-a-whole-lot-of-dogs well. Pretty soon, no one wants to fight him 
  • Finally, a challenger emerges: a bulldog named Cherokee who fights an epic battle with White Fang.
  • The fight ends with the bulldog chomping down on White Fang's throat. Beauty, buttface that he is, starts beating White Fang over all the money he's losing.
  • Weedon Scott emerges from the crowd, beats Beauty silly, and pries the bulldog's jaws off of White Fang.
  • White Fang grows strong under Scott's mastery, and even starts to love his master.
  • Scott leaves for California, but White Fang won't get left behind: busting through a window to get to him. If you've ever left a dog behind when you go to work or school, you know exactly what this is like.
  • Scott relents and White Fang travels with him to California.
  • They settle at Scott's family estate, where White Fang learns important lessons about not eating chickens.
  • A sheep dog, Collie, hates him. Then loves him. Then mates with him eventually.
  • White Fang saves Scott in true Lassie fashion by running for help after Scott falls off his horse.
  • An escaped convict comes to the home to kill Scott's father. White Fang ninjas out on him and kills him dead, but gets shot for his troubles.
  • It takes a long time, but White Fang finally heals, because he's just too all-fired stubborn to die.
  • They finally take his bandages off and he staggers outside to meet his puppies, dozing in the sun while they pull on his ears. Like a Hallmark card, only with a killer wolf in the middle.