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White Teeth

White Teeth


by Zadie Smith

Alfred Archibald Jones Timeline and Summary

  • Archie meets Samad during WWII, in 1945, when he's just seventeen. Not much happens for Archie during the war, but Samad sends him out to kill the Nazi doctor, Dr. Perret, after the war has ended. Archie returns minus the Doctor and plus a limp.
  • After his first wife, Ophelia, divorces him, Archie tries to kill himself. But he is ultimately unsuccessful and decides to embrace Life. This is 1975.
  • Archie meets Clara and they quickly marry. He's forty-seven; she's nineteen.
  • Irie is born soon after their marriage.
  • Archie spends a lot of time at O'Connell's. Like, a lot of time.
  • When Samad decides to send Magid to Bangladesh, Archie assists him in kidnapping the boy.
  • Archie spends still more time at O'Connell's.
  • In 1992, when Marcus Chalfen is presenting FutureMouse to the public, Archie sees Dr. Perret—the very same man he was supposed to have shot in 1945. He knows that Samad sees him too, and realizes the proverbial cat is now out of the bag.
  • When Millat fires a bullet at the doctor, Archie takes a flying leap in front of that bullet.