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White Teeth

White Teeth


by Zadie Smith

White Teeth: Quotes (What Was Said) True or False

1. Who introduces us to the concept of can't say fairer than that? -> FutureMouse
2. "He had flipped a coin and stood staunchly by his results." This could only be talking about one man. Which man is it? -> Mangal Pande
3. Who is Irie writing about in her diary? "He's sooo gorgeous but ultimately irritating! Tight jeans as usual. Doesn't look at me (as usual, except in a FRIENDLY way). I'm in love with a fool (stupid me)!" -> Millat
4. At different points in the novel, several characters or groups of characters are described as being "more English than the English." Which of the following is not one of those characters or groups? -> Irie
5. At the end of the novel, who thinks "Go on my son!" as the FutureMouse escapes? -> Archie