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White Teeth

White Teeth


by Zadie Smith

White Teeth Resources


Brain Pickings: "Zadie Smith's 10 Rules of Writing"

Write like Zadie Smith. Or, you know, at least read her rules for writing.

Masterpiece Theater: White Teeth

This website is for the PBS move, but it has lots of cool stuff. For instance, a page called "Smashing Slang!" with all kinds of cool North London words and phrases.

Movie or TV Productions

White Teeth (Movie)

This adaptation of White Teeth appeared on PBS's Masterpiece Theater in 2003. We guess this novel really is a masterpiece.

White Teeth (TV series)

This four-part television adaptation of White Teeth aired on the UK's Channel 4. Do you think it's better or worse than the PBS version? We're dying to know.

Articles and Interviews

PBS Masterpiece Theater Interview with Zadie Smith

The interviewer asks Smith questions about both her life and White Teeth. Coolio.

"White Knuckle Ride"

This December 10, 2000, article examines Zadie Smith's quick rise to fame. Like we said, even she was surprised by it.

"The New England"

A New York Times Books article with a positive review of White Teeth. Not that there aren't tons of positive reviews of the book out there, but this one is extra spiffy.

"Girl Wonder"

In Salon's portrait of Zadie Smith's literary life so far, we suggest you pay special attention to the negative review she wrote for her own book… for the literary magazine, Butterfly.

Zadie Smith in Interview Magazine

The title Interview Magazine helps you know this interview is legit. But it's not all about White Teeth.


Interview with Zadie Smith

Charlie Rose (elsewhere called "elegant, handsome, and fiercely intelligent"—ooh) interviews Zadie Smith about White Teeth back in 2000.


Zadie Smith: "Speaking in Tongues"

In a talk at the New York Public Library, Zadie Smith discusses how we alter the way we talk, depending on whom we are talking to. Watch it—it's rad.


Zadie Smith in Interview Magazine

In case you were wondering what Smith looks like in black and white.

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