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Who Has Seen the Wind?

Who Has Seen the Wind?


by Christina Rossetti

Who Has Seen the Wind? Resources


Sing-Song All the Day Long

You know you're dying to read the rest of Rossetti's nursery rhymes.

One-Stop Rossetti Shop

Here's all you could ever want to know about Rossetti in all her Victorian glory.


Windy and Such

Listen to our poem in all its British sounding awesomeness.

Kids Put it to Music

Check out this cool musical interpretation done by a school choir.


Soprano Singing Rossetti

Folks love to put this poem to music. No wonder it sounds so singsongy.


Leaves Trembling

This tree gives a good idea of what Rossetti maybe had in mind.

Happy Rossetti

Our lady wasn't known for her constant joy…

Articles & Interviews

Rossetti Criticism Galore!

Every angle of every Rossetti critic is right here for you.

Rossetti and those Pre-Raphaelites

The BBC breaks it all down for us, including how to pronounce "Pre-Raphaelites."


Faith, Gender, and Time

Here's a good look at three of Rossetti's most notorious themes.

The Patience of Style

Hassett looks at Sing-Song and other Rossetti collections.

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